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Jordan Rudess
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Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess
Notes On a Dream Digital Download
Item #: JUDD01
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Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for Dream Theater has recorded solo piano versions of some of Dream Theater's favorite ballads as well as creating some original, progressive piano pieces....

1. Through Her Eyes
2. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
3. Perpetuum Mobile
4. The Silent Man
5 Another Day
6. Hollow Years
7. The Grand Escapement
8. The Spirit Carries On
9. Speak To Me
10. The Answer Lies Within
11. Collision Point
12. Vacant

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What is the difference between file formats MP3 128, MP3 256, and FLAC?

MP3 (Audio Format):
The standard MP3 files, encoded at 128 kbps (near-CD quality) are easy to download, easy to burn to CD, easy to transfer to portable players. MP3 files are versatile enough to use on your computer, portable digital music players (including iPod®), and many home stereo systems. MP3 files encoded at 256 kbps are higher quality than MP3 128.

FLAC (Audio Format For Advanced Users Only): FLAC is a "lossless" compression, which means that the source audio file is compressed, but without sacrificing any of the audio information contained in the master recording. An extracted FLAC file sounds identical to the original source (44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo). The high fidelity FLAC files are much larger files than MP3, will take longer to download, and require more disc space to store. Please be sure to check compatibility with your portable player, audio applications and CD burning software.

Please note that although the FLAC file format offers a higher audio quality, it is not supported by some audio players, including iTunes and Windows Media Player. The files must be first converted to .WAV files. If you are unsure how to convert the file, you may want to consider downloading the MP3 version of the product instead of the FLAC version. For more information regarding FLAC files, you may visit http://flac.sourceforge.net.
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PlaySong TitleTimeArtistPriceBuy
1:1Through Her Eyes5:22Jordan Rudess$.99
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1:2Lifting Shadows Off a Dream6:04Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:3Perpetuum Mobile2:12Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:4The Silent Man4:23Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:5Another Day5:34Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:6Hollow Years4:11Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:7The Grand Escapement4:20Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:8The Spirit Carries On5:43Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:9Speak To Me6:54Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:10The Answer Lies Within4:14Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:11Collision Point1:08Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:12Vacant3:18Jordan Rudess$.99
Buy Track
1:1Through Her Eyes5:22Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:2Lifting Shadows Off a Dream6:04Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:3Perpetuum Mobile2:12Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:4The Silent Man4:23Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:5Another Day5:34Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:6Hollow Years4:11Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:7The Grand Escapement4:20Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:8The Spirit Carries On5:43Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:9Speak To Me6:54Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:10The Answer Lies Within4:14Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:11Collision Point1:08Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:12Vacant3:18Jordan Rudess$1.25
Buy Track
1:1Through Her Eyes5:22Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:2Lifting Shadows Off a Dream6:04Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:3Perpetuum Mobile2:12Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:4The Silent Man4:23Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:5Another Day5:34Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:6Hollow Years4:11Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:7The Grand Escapement4:20Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:8The Spirit Carries On5:43Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:9Speak To Me6:54Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:10The Answer Lies Within4:14Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:11Collision Point1:08Jordan Rudess Album Only
1:12Vacant3:18Jordan Rudess Album Only
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