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Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Band
DMB Live Trax Vol. 22: Montage Mountain
Item #: DMDD94
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The DMB Crew is particularly excited about the next Live Trax release. The July 14, 2010 Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA show is a true gem. The band really crushed it on stage delivering an over 3-hour performance!

The Montage Mountain show’s setlist draws from all different time frames and showcases some relatively new arrangements and jams. Grace is Gone features a country- tinged outro and You and Me has a nice Digging A Ditch tease intro. So Damn Lucky is a pretty epic jam and the horns reprise the Digging A Ditch melody again in the song. #41 is a definite highlight, clocking in at over 20 minutes with Two Step a close second at sixteen minutes. The spontaneous little jam before Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel and the energetic Two Step both serve to illustrate what a great time the band members were having on stage that night.

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Disc 1

1. The Stone
2. Warehouse
3. Grace Is Gone
4. Seven
5. You Might Die Trying
6. Tripping Billies
7. Cry Freedom
8. Lying in the Hands of God

Disc 2

1. Gravedigger
2. One Sweet World
3. Improv Jam
4. Pantala Naga Pampa>Rapunzel
5. Why I Am
6. Busted Stuff
7. #41

Disc 3

1. Shake Me Like a Monkey
2. Two Step
3. You and Me
4. So Damn Lucky
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PlaySong TitleTimeArtistPriceBuy
1:1The Stone11:55Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:2Warehouse9:50Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:3Grace Is Gone13:27Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:4Seven5:25Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:5You Might Die Trying9:08Dave Matthews Band$1.25
Buy Track
1:6Tripping Billies6:58Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:7Cry Freedom6:35Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:8Lying In The Hands Of God15:09Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:1Gravedigger5:05Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:2One Sweet World12:07Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:3Improv Jam0:57Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:4Panta Naga Pampa > Rapunzel7:09Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:5Why I Am4:53Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:6Busted Stuff5:39Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:7#4122:09Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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3:1Shake Me Like A Monkey4:04Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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3:2Two Step17:50Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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3:3You & Me5:09Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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3:4So Damn Lucky16:25Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:1The Stone11:56Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:2Warehouse9:50Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:3Grace Is Gone13:28Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:4Seven5:26Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:5You Might Die Trying9:08Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:6Tripping Billies6:58Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:7Cry Freedom6:35Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:8Lying In The Hands Of God15:09Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:1Gravedigger5:05Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:2One Sweet World12:07Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:3Improv Jam0:58Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:4Panta Naga Pampa > Rapunzel7:09Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:5Why I Am4:54Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:6Busted Stuff5:39Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:7#4122:10Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:1Shake Me Like A Monkey4:04Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:2Two Step17:50Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:3You & Me5:10Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:4So Damn Lucky16:25Dave Matthews Band Album Only

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Live Trax Vol. 27: Luna Park
Ahead of Dave Matthews Band's return to South America in December, we're excited to announce their October 14, 2010, show at Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as the 27th volume in the Live Trax series. Luna Park, a covered stadium built in 1932 is one of South America's most famous indoor venues. It has hosted events as diverse as James Brown, Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, the Pope and several world basketball championships over the years. This was just the second time DMB had played in Argentina and their first headlining show there. But the crowd was one of the most energetic the band has ever encountered. Throughout the show, the crowd chanted between nearly every song, giving off the vibe of a football match. Dave even commented: "Y'all do one, we do one, y'all do one, we do one. I like this arrangement." He also remarked that "coming down here and playing for y'all is like getting on a crazy fast motorcycle or riding on a crazy horse." Rashawn and Jeff picked up on the "Olé, Olé, Olé" chants, too, interpolating the melody into Proudest Monkey. The band's setlist consists of a wide range of songs from nearly all of their albums. Highlights include the one-two punch of Big Eyed Fish » Bartender in the beginning of the set, #41 in the middle, and a scorching Two Step to wrap it up. A full audio recording of this show has not been available until this release.
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Live Trax vol 23: Whittemore Center Arena
Live Trax Volume 23 is the first Dave and Tim show to be released in the series. For the special Dave and Tim debut, we have selected an exceptional 1996 show from the University of New Hampshire in Durham. This last show of the Dave & Tim tour that year includes Dave’s solo performance of never-before-played Hold Me Down . Tim broke a string and while replacing, Dave played the solo song asking the audience to name it. The jam from What Would You Say into Minarets is a definite highlight along with Leave Me Praying which is one of the coolest versions of the song we’ve heard. Other noteworthy parts of the show include What Will Become of Me at the end of Jimi Thing , the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Tangerine and the Cry Freedom closer.
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Live Trax Vol 26: Sleep Train Amphitheatre
7.30.2003 Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Marysville, CA is our next carefully selected volume in the Live Trax series. The show has a spacious but powerful quality to it, with the band members really living in the songs and enjoying the interplay between each other. Highlights of the show include the dramatic peaks of Spoon which had not been played since 99; the intense Dreaming Tree jam; and the mini set of So Much To Say>Anyone Seen the Bridge>Pantala Naga Pampa>Rapunzel towards the end of the show. The version of Sleep to Dream Her might just be the best one we’ve heard and is a perfect example of the quiet cool of LeRoi Moore. Minarets is another powerful tune with a haunting sound thanks to Dave’s vocal delivery and the wingmen, Boyd and LeRoi, delivering another classic melody line.
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Live Trax vol 24: Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium
LIVE TRAX 24: 2.8.97 Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina When selecting Live Trax 23, we realized that we had two Dave and Tim shows from the early days that were both so good they had to be released together. Live Trax 24 is a show from Spartanburg, SC in early 1997. During the show, Dave refers to a billboard displaying a message “Jesus is coming to a soul near you” in several songs: Two Step , never-before-played Dreamed I Killed God and What Will Become of Me . Highlights of the show include a rare Let You Down and Captain with some alternate lyrics. Little Thing and I’ll Back You Up are both rare treats in this setting. One of our favorite stretches of the show is Minarets>Dreamed I Killed God>Typical Situation .
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Live Trax Vol 25: UMB Bank Pavilion
We have selected DMB's 2006 tour opening show in Maryland Heights, MO for our 25th Live Trax release. This show represents Rashawn's first show as a touring member and showcases the synergy between him and LeRoi. Highlights include an energetic Granny as a show opener and, in our opinion, one of the best live Grey Streets out there! This era catches the band honing in and experimenting with the "new songs" of Stand Up such as Louisiana Bayou and Hunger For the Great Light and newer pieces like Sister which came after the sessions for that album. Some rarer tunes, Raven and Don’t Burn the Pig , make this a show we think you'll love.
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DMB Live Trax Vol. 21: SOMA
Dave Matthews Band 8.4.95 SOMA in San Diego, CA is the 21st volume in the Live Trax series. The show was performed in front of an intimate crowd and broadcast via radio and Dan Healy, the Grateful Dead's longtime audio engineer, was on board as the recording engineer. Despite it being a radio broadcast, the band was comfortable performing with experimental soloing and joking with the crowd. The 1995 San Diego show features compelling renditions of classic songs with the band exhibiting great energy throughout the set. Highlights from the early show include LeRoi's performance on Proudest Monkey , I'll Back You Up in the encore as well as an exceptional Drive In Drive Out . This version of Don't Burn the Pig is an early jam, different from the later studio release on Before These Crowded Streets .
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